Why Do Dogs Sniff Ears?

Why do dogs sniff ears? Is it to get to know other dogs? Dogs do this for a variety of reasons, but the most common is to express affection or submission to the other dog. The ears of dogs are often cleaned by other dogs because they are incapable of doing so themselves. Alternatively, it could be a sign of boredom, in which case your dog is trying to pass the time by sniffing and licking the ears of others.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Ears?

why do dogs sniff ears?

Having a dog at home is like having a constant playmate. Dogs communicate in a variety of ways, even though they are unable to speak themselves. Your dog can easily understand what you want to convey through various interactions and touches. Dogs can’t speak like us, so they communicate with their mouths and noses. Additionally, they communicate with one another via the power of smell. These two behaviors allow dogs to socialize with one another, as well as with humans. Human-canine relationships are truly remarkable.

Inquiring minds want to know: How does your dog show its love? Do your dogs rush to greet you when you get home so they can lick and sniff you? Their sweetest way to greet you is by licking your entire face! However, have you ever observed how your dogs interact with one another? Because they lick and sniff each other’s ears when they meet, you know how they interact.

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Exactly Why Do Dogs Enjoy Licking?

why do dogs sniff ears?

There is a possibility that this approach is linked to the primal instinct that they had when they were still living in their pack. When a dog can’t lick its ears, a member of the family would step in to help clean them. In addition to greeting and socializing, dogs lick to stimulate their bodily functions and their systems as a whole.

Dogs use their mouths for various functions along with their sense of smell. Their mouths can do much, from eating to defining boundaries for humans and other dogs. When it comes to self-care, dogs go so far as to clean and disinfect themselves with their tongues! Typically, puppies are cleaned and groomed by their mothers by licking them.

Dogs are well-known for their licking and sniffing habits, which they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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Why Do Dogs Feel the Need To Sniff Ears?

Despite its unappealing appearance, your dog uses licking and sniffing to communicate. As a dog owner, you should be able to communicate with your pet. The following are some of the explanations for dogs’ penchant for smelling and licking the ears of their companions:


Dogs can’t take care of their grooming. Because of this, another member of the pack will take the lead and carry out the task. They will get along better if they all live under the same roof. Hence, grooming consists of sniffing and licking each other’s ears to maintain their bond. Sniffing and licking too much can irritate the ears or worse, lead to an infection. As a result, be sure to spend some time each day checking your dog’s ears.

Manifestation Of Feeling

Is it a habit for your dog to lick and sniff your ears? In any case, all he’s trying to say is how much he cares for you or loves you. It’s clear from his behavior that he’s either seeking friendship or affection when he licks and sniffs other dogs. Since dogs are unable to communicate their feelings verbally, they lick their ears to convey their compassion.

Dogs Love Earwax

Dogs and cats are drawn to your ear’s salty taste because it’s so appealing to them. The taste of earwax is one that dogs enjoy, too. A dog’s mouth is a great way to learn about the world around them, just like a baby’s. Maybe it’s because he’s curious, or he just wants to know more about it.


Respect or submission can be shown by a dog licking or sniffing another dog’s ears. When he starts sniffing your ears, he shows respect for you and other members of the pack. Getting your ears licked by the alpha dog can also mean that you’ve been submitted to him or her.


When a dog is bored, he will always find a way to keep himself occupied. His mouth and sense of smell are all he has, so he’ll always have something to lick or sniff. It’s best to find ways to alleviate your dog’s boredom if he starts licking someone else’s ear.

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When Is It Time To Pay Attention?

In the wild, dogs naturally lick each other’s ears. However, this could indicate an underlying medical condition for both. A dog will scratch its ears if it is infected. Another dog will then be prompted to clean the infected ears by licking them.

Compulsive behavior, on the other hand, could be a sign of excessive licking and sniffing in the same area. When a person’s skin is red and inflamed, it may be due to an infection or a desperate attempt to cope with stress and anxiety. Your dog’s ears can become infected if they are constantly wet. There is a good chance that if one dog gets a bacterial or yeast infection, the other dog will, too.

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Prevention Of Dog’s Ear Licking

The licking of the ear is a sign of affection, but if it becomes a nuisance, you must intervene. If you want to keep him from licking his ears, you should devise a few ideas to keep him occupied.

Then how do you get him to stop? A walk is a good idea the second you notice him picking at another ear. Dogs are always up for an adventure! He stops licking his ears when he knows he’ll be going for a walk outside. Putting food on his toy is another way to keep him occupied. He’ll find a way to get what he wants! It is best to keep him occupied with his treats and mental games to prevent him from sniffing other people’s ears.

His master should stick to the game plan, even though he knows it will take some time for him to break the habit.

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Is It Okay For My Dog To Sniff And Lick My Ears?

Pet owners are always responsible for this aspect of their relationship with their animals. Stopping your dog from sniffing and licking your ears is pointless if it bothers you. If, on the other hand, it’s causing you discomfort because of your health, you should put a stop to it. Make a list of all the things you can do to keep him occupied. Vets recommend IQ treat balls to keep dogs from licking their ears.


Dogs have a sense of smell that is 40 times greater than ours. They use their noses to identify other dogs, people, and animals. When they meet someone new, they will often sniff their behinds as a form of greeting. Dogs will also lick and sniff your ears when they want to show submission or respect. If your dog is licking and sniffing your ears excessively, it may be a sign of boredom or an underlying medical condition.

You should take him to the vet if you notice any redness or inflammation in his ears. If you want to prevent your dog from licking his ears, you should devise a few ideas to keep him occupied. walks and mental games are good ways to do this. Finally, remember that it is your responsibility as a pet owner to decide whether or not you are okay with your dog licking and sniffing your ears. Thank you for reading!