Why Do Dogs Chase You When You Run?

Most likely, if you’re reading this, you’ve just been chased or bit by a dog while out for a run. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. In the past few years, someone has been bitten twice and chased by dogs numerous times. Even if it’s just because they can smell cats, it’s a nuisance and even a little frightening. If you’ve read this far, you’ll know exactly why do dogs chase you when you run and how to stop a dog from chasing you while you’re running and avoid getting bitten.

Dogs are great, but the ones that bite on the ass aren’t so great. A trail dog would keep the bad guys at bay, which is something we often fantasize about while out running.

Why Do Dogs Chase You When You Run?

why do dogs chase you when you run

The most likely reason that dogs chase you when you run is that they think you’re playing a game with them. Dogs are natural predators, and when they see something running away from them, their instinct is to give chase. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to bites and other injuries if the dog catches up to the runner.

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The Best Way to Handle a Chasing Dog

1. Immediately Put Your Feet Down, Then Roll Away

This simple adage has its origins in K. Instead of looking directly at the dog, assume a diagonal stance and roll your body away from it. To do so says Dwayne Hearst, a professor at the Law Enforcement Training Institute.

Making direct eye contact with the dog while you’re standing tall can seem intimidating to it, but lowering your gaze and taking a slight turn will make you appear smaller and less intimidating.

2. Retract Your Steps

In most cases, dogs will defend their territory if approached too closely, so stay as far away as possible. Increasing your distance from the loose dog is the best course of action, as advised by Berman. While most dogs aren’t aggressive enough to chase or attack a runner, the author of this article warns that “running away may elicit a chase response.” Take a few steps back and avoid eye contact with anyone as an alternative. Pay attention to your footing to avoid tripping and falling.

3. Put A Stop To It All

Hold your ground if the dog follows you as you back away. Hearst advises, “Freeze and act like a tree.” “The dog will likely bark, bluff-charge, and possibly jump at you, but many will meander away within a few minutes if you do not respond to it.” Once you’ve tried that and it’s not working, yell “Get back!” loudly while attempting to retreat once more. Berman suggests that if you’re riding a bike, you should put your bike between you and the dog so that it acts as a shield.

4. Choose A Strategy If You’re Under Attack

Hearst says that at this point, it’s all about survival. For those who remain standing, strike the dog hard, yet not recklessly. Keep your balance and keep the dog at bay by moving to the wall. After being pinned down, gouge their eyes or grab their backs with your hands.” Alternatively, you can use items you already have on hand, such as a stick or rock from the ground or even a water bottle from your bicycle. When the dog finally gives up or someone else comes to the rescue, this can help defuse the situation.

To avoid being pushed over by a large dog, Berman recommends scurrying into a ball and protecting your head and neck. Play dead by lying still. When the dog perceives that you are no longer a threat, it will usually relax and let you go.

5. Don’t Go After Him

If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog, you might feel compelled to track down the dog’s owner. If a dog chases you, resist the urge to do something that could end up endangering the animal and prompting another attack.

6. Make A 911 Call

As well as dispatching paramedics if necessary, your emergency response service can also dispatch the police and animal control, who can begin the process of finding the dog and its owner (if there is one). As much information as possible about the attack should be provided: As much as possible, remember the dog’s breed, size, and color,” says the author. The dog’s collar was what color? As far as I can tell, what kind of building or property did the dog come from?

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Whenever A Dog Chases After You, What Does It Mean?

why do dogs chase you when you run

Even if the dog is mean or aggressive, most dogs that charge at a person do not intend to bite them. You’ll be pursued if you start running because the dog has predatory instincts. There is a good chance that the dog will catch you up even if you’re running at a high rate of speed.

For No Apparent Reason, Dogs Chase After Me

He’s protecting his domain and letting you know that something is wrong. The last thing you want is some irate neighbors showing up because he’s been barking and chasing them around. An intruder is someone your dog treats like an intruder when he barks and chases them to protect you and your property.

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Is It Ok If Your Dog Chases You Around The House?

Never let your dog chase you when you’re playing chase with him. You don’t want to be a target of aggressive behavior from others, and this can do just that. When you chase after your dog, he may think you’re playing a game with him.

What Can I Do To Stop My Dog From Chasing Me?

Facing them directly or at a 45-degree angle is an effective way to show them you’re serious. You can slowly walk away from them while still angled in this direction once they have stopped moving. Turning your back on a fearful dog can result in a bite, so try to avoid doing so.

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What’s With The Dogs’ Intense Interest In You?

Dogs, like humans, show their love for their owners by staring into their eyes. The love hormone oxytocin is released when humans and dogs stare at each other. The same hormone that is released when a new mother looks at her baby is also triggered when you look at your dog.

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Dogs chase people for a variety of reasons. It could be because they want to play, they’re feeling threatened, or they’re trying to protect their territory. If you’re being chased by a dog, try to remain calm and avoid running away. Instead, slowly walk away from the dog while facing them. If the dog is aggressive, you can try to defuse the situation by using a stick or rock as a barrier between you and the dog. If you’re attacked by a dog, make sure to call 911 and provide as much information about the incident as possible.