Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

Are you thinking about getting a golden retriever as a pet? Golden retrievers are known for being pricey, but have you ever wondered why are golden retrievers so expensive? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why golden retrievers are so pricey, but there are a few established factors. A lot of these typical explanations have something to do with why the pricing is what it is.

It is the goal of this article to identify the common causes why are golden retrievers so expensive. This is ideal if you’re thinking about getting a pet, whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

why are golden retrievers so expensive?

The Golden Retriever is a well-known and beloved dog breed in the United States. You can’t argue with the facts here; they’re true. If you see a golden retriever frequently in your area, there’s a good chance one of your relatives has one as a pet. However, despite its widespread acceptance and affection, it is regarded as one of the more expensive canines in the country.

In some cases, the cost varies according to a person’s stage of life. Golden retriever puppies can cost a lot of money. Puppies can cost between $500 and $2,000 on average. You can expect to pay anything from $300 to $7500 for a purebred dog that has been acclaimed a champion by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

However, this is based on the reputation of the dog breeder and whether or not the AKC recognizes it as a legitimate breeder. These aspects usually have an impact on the cost. But there’s a lot more to this story. There are still a lot of things that need to be talked about shortly, though.

Moreover, there are some breeders whose quality is not guaranteed by their price. When looking for a dog, you need to perform your research and scour every dog breeder you can find in your local area or even if you’re ready to drive a long distance.

Make contact with local breeders and schedule some time to meet with them. To learn more about this person, interview him or her. Inquire with the breeder about the health history of the dogs’ parents. They are more than happy to provide documentation and provide insight into their character features.

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Factors Why Golden Retrievers Cost So Much


It’s because there aren’t many reputable breeders who can provide you with beautiful, healthy golden retrievers. To ensure the health of their golden retriever parents and puppies, several dog breeders prefer rural locations. However, this is why the location of the property impacts its price. The reason is that several states and cities have different breed restrictions.

Additionally, geographic distance can be a hindrance, and as a result, you may be required to pay for airfare and go through another lengthy process. This has an impact on the pricing, of course. Some people are fortunate enough to have nearby dog breeders, such as those in the California region, who can serve as role models.

Certifications, Guarantees, And Clearances

Certification, guarantees, and clearances are commonly provided by legitimate and authorized dog breeders. As a result, the processing of paper will almost certainly raise the price. In addition, a non-certified pedigree dog is less expensive than a certified one.

All of the paperwork may add to the cost, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your puppy and his parents are both healthy.

Certified dog breeders will also charge more because they are well-known and respected. Because even if they’ve been certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC), they may not be as attractive as they appear. Do your homework on every dog breeder before making a decision. Even if it takes you a while to complete your assignment, at least you’ve done it. Another reason why golden retrievers are so pricey is because of this.

Lineage And Family Trees

This type of dog is known as a “show dog,” and it is commonly bred by champion breeders. The AKC recognizes these breeders as champions (American Kennel Club). They’re champions because they’ve taken part in a competition and come out on top. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes any dog that has been designated a champion, regardless of its age or breed. The pricing will also be impacted by this.

If you’re a “purist,” you’ll have to fork up more cash to obtain what you want. Legitimate dog breeders, on the other hand, are compassionate people who take great care in selecting the people who will be caring for their puppies.

As a result, a champion golden retriever puppy might cost anywhere from $3000 to $5000 in total. Puppies with show potential often cost between $24000 and $26000.


Golden retrievers are more expensive because of their gender. Females cost a little more than males to rent. In comparison to male golden retrievers, who are more friendly and lively, their demeanor is much more easygoing and independent.

Females, on the other hand, tend to produce litter, which raises their price. Even though the majority of individuals prioritize personality over factors such as gender and cost. But despite this, they’re both adorable dogs.


Golden Retriever puppies are always more expensive than their adult counterparts, regardless of their age. It’s a shame that pet owners rarely opt for senior dogs. Because they wanted to be a part of the puppy’s life from the moment they were born until the moment they died. Younger dogs, on the other hand, have a far longer life expectancy.

Golden retrievers, on the other hand, tend to be reserved and easy to care for as they get older. The reason for this is that they have reached full maturity. Though some senior golden retrievers were mistreated by their prior owners. It’s not uncommon. It’s time to show them some extra love and tenderness.

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Long-Term Ownership Expenses Must Be Taken Into Account

If a golden retriever puppy is pricey, how much more so if you plan to keep it for a lengthy period? Even though it costs more than the original golden retriever, you won’t even notice it after a while. Because you spend so much time adoring them and giving them the best care that the actual cost of upkeep and other extraneous expenses are less important to you than the time and attention you devote to them.

However, if you’re considering purchasing or owning a golden retriever, it’s vital to know the total expense of owning a dog. Not only the puppy’s purchase price.


The longer, thicker hair and heavier coats of Golden Retrievers make them easier to groom. Dogs need regular grooming as part of their care. So, for example, a bottle of shampoo costs about $10, whereas a nice brush costs between $15 and $20. Because of their thick coats, you’ll need a lot of shampoos.

It costs roughly $70 each grooming session if you want to take them to a professional groomer. It is recommended that golden retrievers be groomed at least three or four times a year.

To top it all off, they’ll require $9 worth of toothbrushes and toothpaste to complete their grooming regimen. Because the health of the dog’s teeth is important. It’s a preventative measure against dental caries and other types of bacterial diseases. So, these are the typical grooming costs for a golden retriever.

Vet Expenses Can Be Expensive

Golden retrievers, like all dogs, enjoy a long and healthy life. However, this does not imply that they are immune to any sickness or ailment. Indeed, they remain vulnerable to any kind of illness.

Cataracts, hip dysplasia, and ichthyosis are three of the most prevalent illnesses in golden retrievers, each costing between $250 and $1,000. That’s why good health is a valuable commodity. Any type of health issue can affect a dog.

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Cost Of An Adult Golden Retriever Dog

why are golden retrievers so expensive

Getting an adult Golden Retriever is an excellent alternative to the time and effort involved in getting a puppy. If you don’t want to get into problems rearing a puppy, this is a fantastic option.

A shelter is a good place to look for an adult golden retriever. You’ll have to fork down anything from $70 to $300, depending on the circumstances. But if you’re looking for a golden retriever, you can get one for as little as $70 to $300.

These adult golden retrievers may have been abused, abandoned, or mistreated before they were found and rescued. It’s worth the risk to bring them into your home for the first several months. This is your pet, and you want to make sure it has the best life possible.

Furthermore, even though golden retrievers are a very popular breed, finding a golden retriever puppy is extremely difficult.

Crossbred golden retrievers may be available through humane societies or shelters if you’re committed to the breed and don’t mind sacrificing the purest specimens.

In shelters, mixed-breed golden retrievers are more common than purebred golden retrievers.

For a more laid-back golden retriever, consider adopting an older golden retriever. They make excellent house pets and are easy to train.

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Service Dogs: Golden Retriever

As a service dog, a trained golden retriever might cost as much as $25,000. Given that this is a popular and common pick, don’t be shocked by the price. This is because they are naturally eager to learn and reliant on their environment.

Several things contribute to the pricing, which is why it’s a little on the pricey side. Expenses include veterinary care, feeding, and placement costs, as well as training costs.

Service dogs usually guide a person with a disability. Therapy dogs, deaf people’s hearing dogs, blind people’s guide dogs, and other service dogs, such as those who open and close doors, switch on and off lights, and more, all work with golden retrievers.

Its high price can now be explained, according to the information provided. Service personnel are also specially trained and have undergone extensive training to become at least as good a fit as possible for their future boss.

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Final Thought

These are only a few of the factors contributing to the high cost of golden retrievers. Even if these aren’t all-inclusive, the key thing is that you caught the spirit of what I was trying to say.

The high cost of goldens can be traced back to several underlying causes and influences. Despite this, they remain one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds on the planet. Certainly, that’s a significant factor.