How To Keep Poop-Off Long-Haired Cats?

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a cat parent is that cats are naturally drawn to cleanliness. You won’t find them peeing or pooping all over the place. Afterward, they bury their feces under the litter. Cats, on the other hand, may poop and not groom themselves for a variety of reasons. This creates a mess that must be cleaned up. Is it a lot of work? Exactly. There are numerous ways how to keep poop-off long-haired cats, and they’re all too simple to follow. In addition, you need to understand why your cat is behaving this way and how you can help your pet.

Following are some cleaning tips for your furry friend’s poop

How To Keep Poop-Off Long-Haired Cats?

how to keep poop-off long-haired cats

Your cat’s fur can be difficult to remove poop from. Whether or not you can comb it out in dry form and then bathe the cat. Alternatively, you can use dish soap and a rag to wipe away all of the poop. Dispose of the cloths, towels, and tissues as soon as possible. It’s also important to sterilize your tub and comb. There are numerous reasons why your cat’s poop might get stuck in its fur. As a result, it’s critical to eliminate the root cause as well.

Waterless Cleaning

To remove poop from your cat’s hair, simply wash it when it is dry. In addition, you must ensure that the fur is completely dry. You’ve successfully cleaned your cat by following these steps!

Make sure your cat’s fur is covered in powder and the area where poop is to be cleaned is completely dry.

Also, check to see if the feces are dry.

Now all that’s left to do is comb the fur with a fine comb. Ensure that all of the trash has been removed.

Finally, use a dry rag or a brush to clean your cat.

Sterilize the area after you’ve cleaned it completely. Cat poop can cause infections, so get rid of it as soon as you can. The comb must be sterilized.

When your cat’s fur is silky and the poop has dried out, this is an easy method to use. When the fur is rough and tangled, it’s difficult to comb out the debris.

Using Water For Cleaning

Try giving your cat a soapy bath if you’re not satisfied with the dry method of cleaning your cat. You’ll need to do the following:

  • First, use a paper towel to line the tub. You can then gently place your cat in the tub by patting it.
  • Now that your cat is clean, use a rag and some lukewarm water to remove any remaining debris.
  • Make sure your cat is clean after you’ve removed all the feces.
  • Alternatively, you can comb the fur to ensure that all of the feces has been washed away.
  • The paper towels and rags should be disposed of immediately. Make sure the tub and comb are clean.

Make sure your cat is calm before attempting this method. This can be done when it’s relaxed or asleep.

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Why Doesn’t Your Cat Groom Itself?

Long-haired cats still tend to groom themselves on their own. It’s a red flag if the cat’s poop is stuck to its fur and it refuses to groom itself.

Your cat may not be able to groom itself because it is in pain. Cats’ inability to groom themselves can be attributed to arthritis. When the cat has diabetes, it has a hard time keeping up with its grooming routine.

Litter boxes can also be a factor, in addition to the previously mentioned health concerns. The cat may dislike using the litter box because it’s either too small or overflowing.

In other words, if your cat won’t groom itself after a good cleaning, find out why! To get your cat to groom itself again, you must first address the underlying issue.

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How Do You Keep Poop From Getting Stuck In The Fur Of Your Cat?

how to keep poop-off long-haired cats

Even though you can wash your cat’s fur, poop that remains on the cat’s coat can be a sign of any medical issue. You need to get to the bottom of this problem because your cat isn’t happy about it either.

If your cat is agitated, here are some things you can do to help:

Take A Look At What Your Cat Is Eating

As some foods may be causing your cat’s diarrhea. As a result, your cat will have more frequent bowel movements and won’t be able to run to the litter box as frequently. Poop gets stuck to the fur as a result of this. This means you should switch your cat’s food. Don’t give your cat any human food, and only feed it healthy food.

Trimming The Fur

If your cat is willing to groom herself, but her long hair prevents her from doing so, it’s time to cut it off. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and have him or she do some fur trimming for you. You can also clean your pet’s fur more easily if it is trimmed.

Calling A Vet

If you suspect your cat is ill and unable to groom itself, you should contact your cat’s veterinarian right away. He can figure out what’s wrong with the cat and treat it. Your cat may be suffering from joint pain, muscle pain, or even rheumatological conditions like arthritis. Your cat’s mobility will be severely limited, and it will be unable to properly groom itself as a result. As a result, the veterinarian will be able to identify the problem and begin treatment. As soon as the cat feels better, she may begin to groom herself again.

Increase The Number Of Litter Boxes

Your cat isn’t using the litter boxes because they are already overflowing. Poops can get stuck to the fur as a result of this. To eliminate this problem, you can add additional litter boxes so that your cat can urinate in the empty ones. When a litter box isn’t full, cats are more likely to use it without hesitation. The number of litter boxes you need depends on how many cats you have. One more litter box than the number of cats you have is recommended. Litter can be placed in the lower box while the upper box is left untouched. This is another option.

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How To Take Care Of Cats With Long Hairs

The good news is that your cat is capable of cleaning itself and will devote time to the task. Long-haired cats don’t require a lot of effort to keep clean and tidy. There are a few things you can do as their owner to help them stay healthy beyond their abilities:

Give A Healthy Diet.

Cats who don’t eat a well-balanced diet are more likely to suffer from hair issues. Cats that are obese may also have difficulty keeping themselves clean. To maintain a healthy coat, it is essential to feed the right amount of nutritious food.

Brush Your Long-Haired Cat A Little More.

A simple back brush isn’t going to do enough to keep up with all that hair. You must devote time to every one of your cat’s parts. Hair should be brushed down both sides of the tail by parting it down the middle. You should begin by brushing your pet’s belly, and then work your way up to their back. Don’t forget to include her chest and head in your calculations.

Only Bathe Your Pet When Necessary.

You probably don’t need to bathe your cat regularly because she bathes herself all the time, and excessive bathing can even cause coat issues. The only exception to this is if your cats are particularly filthy. Some people are adept at bathing cats at home, while others aren’t (you may have heard that cats don’t like water!). A wet washcloth can often be used to thoroughly clean a cat. However, if they are extremely filthy, smelly, or have gotten into something dangerous, take them to a groomer or veterinarian for a proper bath.

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Is Shaving My Cat Necessary?

Having a cat shaved can be beneficial in some situations. There are situations where shaving your cat may be beneficial, such as if your cat is incapable of grooming himself due to old age or health issues. If you’re worried that your pet’s health necessitates a shave, make an appointment with your veterinarian first. Trimming the hair instead of shaving may be preferable in many situations.

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If your cat has long hair and the poop gets stuck, there are a few simple ways to remove it. Cats can be bathed in warm water to remove dandruff. If your cat’s poop keeps sticking, you’ll need to find the root of the problem. It’s possible that your cat is ill, or that the litter box is inadequate. Resolve the underlying issue and your cat will return to her normal grooming habits.